Monthly Archives: February 2013

How to take a screenshot on the Microsoft Surface

0.0 00 Just acquired a Microsoft Surface Pro and I was wondering how to take a screenshot when the keyboard is not connected. After a few seconds using my favorite search engine I came across the key combo to do it and was amazed. To take a screenshot on a Surface device PRO or RT, press the Windows button and volume down, yes that is right! Windows+Volume Down. It must be the Volume Down on the device not the one on the keyboard. The screenshots will be stored on the Screenshots folder inside the Pictures folder. Enjoy!

Oh the humour

0.0 00 The internet is an interesting place. You can learn a lot of new stuff, and most importantly waste a lot of time. Here is something I came across on Reddit the other day. A geek named Ryan Werber was bored and did something really interesting. Check his work by running this command: tracert -h 60 May the force be with you!  

Thank you Juriba!

0.0 00 I like LinkedIn. If you join the right groups you will get very interesting discussions. Engaging in some of them might even earn you a nice prize. I am also an Amazon junkie, so the combination was perfect. Opening my mailbox tonight I found out that I was awarded for a contribution on a Windows 7 Project Management LinkedIn group. This one is run by the people from Juriba.

So, participate and engage, you can only benefit from it. Join the Windows 7 Project Management Group David Nudelman


0.0 00 Very interesting Microsoft Word bug.   Open Microsoft Word Type =rand(200,90) Press enter and wait 3 seconds. Anyone can explain?