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Microsoft MVP Cloud OS Community Week

Greetings! Microsoft is organizing a week full of interesting events presented by Microsoft MVPs. The events will take place at their London Offices, next to Victoria Station, from Monday 9th to Friday13th of September. More info and registration bellow.   Unlock Insights on any data – Monday 9th September Join leading MVPs for a two track one day event that tackles the delivery of Enterprise data platforms and analytics solutions. Please register to attend either track 1 or track 2: •             Track 1 will focus on building the modern enterprise data platform. In a series of three presentations we will tackle the issues of architecture, application frameworks, data integration and data exchange; learning all about the challenges faced by the modern data tier developer. Most importantly, we will learn how to creatively overcome them by enhancing our processing efficiency and analytical capability. Register to attend   •             Track 2 will focus on the…

The Static State of Dynamism

Lets talk about I.T Professionals. They are my favorite type of person in the work place, some of the best times in my career have been shared with them. The reverse is also true. Please join me in the article, take a seat and from your own opinion. You hear it all the time, whether its in a movie, a television advert or a friend parting with a piece of wisdom for your benefit. I’m talking about “quotes” or “proverbs” if you like. There are many such as “move with the times”, “fortune favors the brave” and “when in Rome”. OK, I stole that last one from Anchorman. But every now and again they tend to overlap, and contradict one another, “A word to the wise is sufficient” and “Talk is cheap” or, (this one is my favorite) “Don’t judge a book by its cover” and “Clothes make the man”….