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System Center 2012 R2 Configuration Manager Dashboard

3.4 23 Hi All, Today I’m pleased to inform that the beta version of the System Center 2012 R2 Configuration Manager Dashboard (CM12R2Dashboard) has been released. Overview The System Center 2012 R2 Configuration Manager Dashboard (CM12R2Dashboard) enables SCCM administrators and support team to monitor SCCM environment to take the right decision at the right time. It can provide status on client activity, client health, deployments, content status and much more and has been designed to provide clear information to support teams, SCCM administrators and managers. The CM12R2Dashboard is totally customizable allowing it to show the information that is required by the customer. It can determine, based on customized parameters, when the information is in a Warning or Critical states by changing the information background colour. It can run on Windows 7+ and Windows 2008+ with at least PowerShell 3.0 (recommended 4.0) and .Net Framework 4 and depends on the installation…

SCCM 2012-Find TS Reference without AutoInstall settings

4.0 03 Hi All, it is a common problem when using OSD to install apps, to forget to select the “Allow this program to be installed from the Install Software task sequence without being advertised” application setting. same for the packages/programs, where people forget to select the “Allow this program to be installed from the Install Package task sequence without being deployed” on the program settings. When this happen, you will normally see the Task Sequence failing with error 0x80004005 and looking at the logs, you’ll see No matching policy assignments received. Policy download failed, hr=0x80004005 When this happen, you need to enable the setting and start it again, but you easily lost couple of hours doing it already. Microsoft has a good blog post on how to enable it here, however, it does not show you what apps or packages/program you need to change. So i created a simple…

Where after Windows 10? Computer Weekly 500 Club event.

0.0 00 Last week I had the pleasure to present at the Computer Weekly 500 Club. An event for IT leaders that, every month, talks about a different subject about modern challenges faced by organizations. I was invited as one of the three speakers for the night along with Ian Turfrey, IT Director at City & Guilds and Andy Beale, Director of Common Technology Services for GDS. The topic of the month was the future of desktop and technology in general after Windows 10 is released. Conversations were very diverse and the round table discussed very interesting topics proposed by the audience. A great article with the main topics of the events was published on the Computer Weekly website. Check it out. For those who missed the event, here is a brief intro video recorded on the night. Cheers David Nudelman

6th MVP Award, a thank you post

0.0 00 Great news! I’ve been awarded as Microsoft MVP for the 6th time. It is a great honour to accomplish that. 2014 was a very challenging year, with the loss of my dear mother and a lot of good hard work going unnoticed. Fortunately, with the support of some great people, I can move on and achieve great things. ♪♫ I get by with a little help from my friends ♪♫ I would like to thank “The Desktop Team”, Raphael Perez and Heinrich Pelser for the motivation and for never giving up on me. The community for being the best group of crazy friends someone can have. Dani Alonso, Miguel Hernandez y Carlos Luengo helped me through this complicated year. And I would like to thank Cristina Gonzalez, a lot, for the continuous support. A big thank you! David Nudelman