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SCCM-Installing a Updated version of the Console

0.0 00 Hi All, when you install SCCM for the 1st time, it will automatically install (if selected) the SCCM Console on the client, and this is great as there are many people out there that use the server instead of a remote console. Anyway, when you install an update, let’s say, CU1 for 2012 R2 SP1, it will again, automatically update the server and will allow you to create a package that you can deploy to a collection and update the remote consoles, same happen for the KB that Microsoft releases outside the CU style. So, let’s say that you have a collection, that is based on Hardware Inventory-> Installed Applications, so you know all machines that have the SCCM Console installed. When installing a new console, you need to wait the machine to submit a hardware inventory and after that, it will appear on the collection and get…

SCCM Automation with PowerShell – after the Webinar

0.0 00 Hi All, thanks everyone that joined me on the SCCM Automation with PowerShell – Software Updates Advanced. i hope everyone enjoyed and if you’re not able to view the recording, you can access it clicking here All scripts can be found here, they are in a zip format everyone entered in a draw to win a copy of my e-book PowerShell & SCCM, the winners have already been contacted and given the instructions to get their free book and they are: Jason R., Carlos I., Siddharth S. Thanks everyone, and see you in the next webinar.