Monthly Archives: March 2016

SCCM Surface Pro 4 Domain Join Issues (Windows 10)

5.0 02 Afternoon, Had some fun and games whilst onsite with SCCM, Windows 10 and Surface Pro 4’s (SP4). I captured my reference image using MDT, downloaded the drivers from Microsoft, imported everything into SCCM, configured the task sequence and then the trouble started … I couldn’t find the Ethernet drivers for the SP4 so instead I used the Ethernet drivers for the Pro 3 to allow my boot image to start working. After the boot issues were overcome, the build finishes but the device wouldn’t domain join. On some occasions, the Ethernet dongle for the surface wouldn’t turn back on after a reboot and other times it did … So I managed to track down all the correct drivers I needed and re-created the boot.wim to get back on track, this time the Ethernet dongle stayed up after the reboots and I hoped that this would fix the domain join issues and…

ConfigMgr HealthCheck toolkit – Beta 04

4.3 03 Hi All, after long, long time, we are happy to announce that the HealthCheck toolkit is once again available for download and we released a new version, beta 04 with some small fixes… What is the System Center Configuration Manager HealthCheck Toolkit? The System Center Configuration Manager HealthCheck Toolkit (CMHealthCheck) has been created to check for problem and/or misconfiguration in the SCCM environment and, when possible, will provide you with some solutions for problems. You can download it for free from: how to use it: 1- CollectData.ps1 (This script will collect information from a CM12/R2 Infrastructure). Open the powershell (64 bits) and run with an account that has admin rights on the cm boxes as it will connect remotely to registry, wmi, etc. CollectData.ps1 -smsprovider servername (ie. CollectData.ps1 -smsprovider srv0003) Once it collect data, it will create a CollectData.log under _Logs and will create a Date\servername folder…

RFL Systems’ BI Dashboard v1.0 release

5.0 01 Hi All, today we are proud to be releasing the v1.0 of the RFL Systems’BI Dashboard, a cutting-edge SCCM-focused platform that streamlines the access, control and management of strategic data. Compliance for software updates, application deployment, client health and anti-malware monitoring are some of the key indicators that you can manage through the BI Dashboard. We take care of simplifying your SCCM data analysis whilst focus on making effective and well-grounded decisions CustomisableYou can tailor how you want to access your data anytime, anywhere. Crystal-clearOur technology makes it easier to convert data into business value. SecureYour data security is a priority through our on-premises software. Easy-to-useStraightforward and simple software and interface. Trial it now! Make sure you download the software here and enjoy a 45 days trial. Hope you will enjoy and feel free to ask questions and provide feedback.