Monthly Archives: September 2016

Data Explorer v1.1 release

0.0 00 Hi All, Today, we are proud to announce: BI Dashboard has been renamed to Data Explorer Data Explorer has been extended and now has modules for not only SCCM, but also for Active Directory and Office 365 A new version (v1.1) is now available Since the release of the v1.0, our development team have been busy and with release of v1.1, we have fixed 39 issues and added 55 new functionalities. A full list of the changes can be found here. And we are also working hard to keep our documentation website always up to date. We will be updating our online and offline documentation often, so keep your eyes open on Try it now! Make sure you download the software here and enjoy a 45 days trial. Hope you will enjoy and feel free to ask questions and provide feedback.

Surface Pro 4 – USB boot issue without keyboard

0.0 00 Hi All, I’m currently engaged in a Windows 10 migration project. Customer is trying to remove all the infrastructure from the locations and because of this, there is no DP on the sites. A content provider like 1E Nomad would be a great solution for this customer, however, at the moment, they preferred to use an USB solution. The task sequence has been created to support this scenario as well as i have created some custom scripts to help with the deployment, so the deployment needs a network (not wifi) and USB. It has been great, until i had to test the deployment on a Surface Pro. As you can imagine, Surface Pro 4 only have 1 USB port, so how can I achieve the deployment on this scenario? if i use the USB port for the TS, i don’t have network. If i use it for the…

TucanData Acquires RFL Systems

0.0 00 RFL Systems is now part of TucanData Hi All, after many months of conversation, today, I’m proud to say that the acquisition of RFL Systems by TucanData Ltd has been completed.. RFL Systems has been founded to provide the best in System Center Consultancy and Training and since 2015, RFL Systems has been working on a tool called BI Dashboard, a Business Intelligence Software for System Center Configuration Manager. It gives me great pride to say that the BI Dashboard has over 3,000 active installations and over 10,000 downloads. I wanted to inform that the acquisition and what this acquisition mean to our clients. There are few things I want to highlight: • Things have not changed one bit. The team of consultants and developers is retained and they will continue doing the awesome job they have being doing. • The BI Dashboard is still being developed. In…