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SCCM-Site Server Requirements via PowerShell

0.0 00 Hi All, the 2nd post of this series of SCCM via PowerShell, we’ll be looking at the Site Server Requirements… 1st, it is .net framework 3.5. For this, you’ll need to have access to the Windows Server (2012 or 2016) source files. Copy the content of the DVD to c:\WSSource  

  2nd- Confirm the .Net Framework 4.6 is installed. On the default installation, it is already installed, so we only need to check, so running the below powershell, you’ll see the Installed under Install State  

  3rd- Install the RDC windows feature  

  4th- Windows ADK. 1st, we need to download the ADK Setup File to a location in the hard drive (so create a folder called c:\TrainingFiles\Source\ADK and c:\TrainingFiles\Source\ADKW10). After that, we’ll download the ADK Files using the downloaded ADK Setup file. once it is completed (it will take a while),…

SCCM-Schema Extension via PowerShell

5.0 05 Hi All, life as consultant has to be always quick and without any mistakes, so automation is the key here. and to start, lets do something that we don’t do every day…Extend the Active Directory for SCCM 1st, execute Extadsch.exe (source from c:\SCCMCBSource)  

  2nd- Create the System Management Container and assign the correct security rights (Group is SCCM Servers)  

  that’s it for today.

2016 is gone, welcome 2017

0.0 00 Hi All, it has been a while since I last post here. The last one was back in October and I have to say, since them i’ve been busy and i hope you’ll appreciate what you’ll be getting out of it this year. i have to say that 2016 was a great year, i have published 1 e-book and start writing another one, published many posts here and helped the community not just online but offline as well. the only thing i regret about last year was the lack of physical events and i hope we’ll be able to host some this year. So to start 2017, I was trilled to get my MVP renewed. It is a great start of the year for the work i’ve done (and will continue doing). This is my 8th award. There is no words to say how good is to be…