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Getting started with SCCM

5.0 01 One of the main challenges when it comes to working with big infrastructure products is how to get your hands on the kit and software to be able to have your first steps. Most laptops/desktops are very capable of running a non-production of SCCM if you want to get your hands dirty. The Windows and Office Deployment Lab Kit may be what you have been looking for! The lab supports the 64-bit editions of Windows 10 and Windows Server 2016 which must be imported to set up a lab once Hyper-V is installed. The Hyper-V Host on which the Windows 10 PoC Lab needs to be imported must meet the following minimum specifications: Hyper-V role installed Administrative rights on the device 150 GB of free disk space (300 GB recommended) High-throughput disk subsystem 16 GB of available memory (32 GB recommended) High-end processor for faster processing This Lab…

Global Azure Bootcamp – London 2019

0.0 00 All lined up for our next event! The Global Azure Bootcamp is a “global” event that happens simultaneously across the globe. We at The Desktop Team have the pleasure the be the hosts for the 3rd consecutive year for the London one. We have an overwhelming number of people registered and are about to close the agenda, packed with world class speakers and relevant topics for the Azure community. Come and join us on the 27th of April 2019, at Microsoft Paddington. See you there! Registration: for speakers:

HP Laptop – Keyboard and trackpad not working

0.0 00 I have a HP ProBook that I acquired almost 2 years ago. It is a beautiful machine: i7, M.2 Storage, 8GB Ram, VGA, HDMI, network port, USB C, 2 USB ports and it is relatively light. Recently the track-pad stopped working so I started carrying a mouse around. Annoying but not life-threatening. But htis morning the keyboard stopped working as well. I tried quite a few things and after some frustration and trial and error I came up with a obscure option found in one of HP’s forum. It was not the comment marked as answered, but another one towards the end. 1. Turn off the laptop2. Remove AC power if plugged.3. press and Hold Power button for more than 60 seconds.4. Then, Start the Laptop as Usual. I know, I know.. It makes no sense but it does resolve the problem. Both trackpad and keyboard are back…

The curious case of the Right Click -> Send to -> Mail recipient

0.0 00 In a recent work I am delivering we remove the native Mail app from the Windows 10 image. This is common practice in order to prevent users from having multiple email clients and most importantly, to make it easy for Outlook to become the default email application. Microsoft Office comes in many different flavours and as we use SCCM for almost everything, we tend to go for Office 365 click to run installations of Office. We encountered an issue where using Click to Run versions of Office and removing the Windows Mail app, therefore forcing Outlook to the default mail application causes the Send to -> Mail recipient function on Windows 10 to crash explorer.exe After some investigation and frustrating moments, which included blaming different apps for this behaviour, I was enlightened by a post on the brilliant Dan Gough‏ blog: The fix is relatively simple, you need…

PXE Boot image | slow download time

0.0 00 Our good friend Heinrich wrote a great article back in 2014. Recently I have been tasked to deploy some Surface Pro 5 devices and the PXE Boot image was taking just over 7 minutes to download. My goal was to reduce it as much as possible, but at the same time keep the integrity of the PXE Boot process. I found this fantastic post by Jörgen Nilsson it includes a table with his tests and the resulting speeds. In my case with multiple device models including the Surface Pro 5 I decided to go for 8 as my value for the key bellow. The 7minute download became a 1min 37sec download. Location: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\SMS\DPName: RamDiskTFTPWindowSizeType: REG_DWORD The default value is 1 (1 data block fills the window) I was unable to use the RamDiskTFTPBlockSize registry key, as setting any values to it made the pxe boot fail….

What is Microsoft 365?

0.0 00 Microsoft 365 is the combination of Microsoft’s top products in one pay per user/month package. It gives you access to Windows 10 (Business or Enterprise), Office 365 and Enterprise Mobility + Security. This wonderful package covers your desktop license (upgrade form Windows Pro and up), your Office application and services as well as additional services such as Azur Active Directory, Intune, Azure Information Protection and much more! Talk to Click Enterprise if would like to run a 30-day trial.

New features announced for OneDrive at SharePoint Conference North America

0.0 00 Lots of new improvements coming for OneDrive! Here is the full list: Highlights include: First class scan and photos experiences on mobile, including Scan!!! Powerful, secure sharing and collaboration External sharing reports Transfer ownership for deleted users Customization of sharing emails

Repair computer that lost domain trust

5.0 01 A task the System Administrators have to deal with over and over is repairing a computer losing the trust relationship with Active Directory. Because of the ever increasing complexity of applications and settings, the traditional remove from domain , delete computer object form AD and join again is a terrible idea. Deleting the Computer object would delete all Bitlocker keys as well as wipe LAPS information associated with the device. A simple Powershell command will do the trick of restoring the trust: Test–ComputerSecureChannel –Repair

SCCM, new features to test!

0.0 00 System Center Configuration Manager has got a new load of new functionality on the latest Technical Preview Branch function. Changes to the platform’s infrastructure include the ability to exclude sub-containers marked as “Active Directory” if you find that searching often ends with too many objects being served, while it’s also now possible to test the movement of an entire content repository from one location on your website’s standard server to a remote or cloud-based location. New test features available in the Software Center, include the ability to have the client automatically uninstall an application in the event that the application’s permissions get retracted. In addition, you can now also stipulate whether or not they want a link to the Application Catalog to be visible. The update also gives you the ability to experiment with the display of primary user information when browsing a collection. To access this feature,…