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Office 365 May Update

Very cool new features on this May Update of Office 365. I particularly like the BCC promt before repying to all functionality. In my days I had to deal with many emergencies because people replied to an email that other people were not aware they were in the thread.   Office 365 Rocks! David Nudelman

TechUG event London 3rd of May 2018

I had the pleasure to be invited to speak at the Tech UG event in London last week. The agenda was packed with interesting content: My session was dedicated to Data Security, including Office 365 and Azure Information Protection, and included a live demo of cloud services to protect your data including encryption, labelling and data loss prevention. The TechUG event did not disappoint, great audience, relevant vendor sessions, great independent content and first-class location and catering. Because it contains independent session you get wonderful moment like this: More on TechUG Events More on Azure Information Protection David Nudelman  

Moving your data to Office 365 – SharePoint Migration Tool

One of the coolest features on Office 365 is OneDrive. Storing personal data and synchronizing file repositories from SharePoint are just a few of the great capabilities of OneDrive. Migrating all those file shares to SharePoint on Office 365 used to be a pain or require expensive tools. But the new SharePoint Migration Tool v2 (BETA) is here to help, and the great thing is that it is FREE!!! Planning – Map the network shares and subfolders and design what the SharePoint structure and sites would be. In this quick walkthrough we will migrate all the corporate logos for Click Enterprise to the Marketing SharePoint site. The logos are currently hosted on OneDrive, connected to a on premise SharePoint. In this case the Marketing SharePoint site already exists in the organisation and is used by technical consultants, sales and marketing teams. Execution – Download the SharePoint Migration tool. After installation…

Microsoft updates Forms making it more Enterprise friendly.

One of our favourite Office 365 application got a nice update from Microsoft. Forms new features includes support to up to 50,000 entries, flexible formatting and more customisation. More on : David Nudelman

TechUG London – Protect your Data with Office 365 and Azure Information Protection

Greetings humans! Next week, 3rd of May, I will be speaking at the TechUG event in London. My session is all about Data protection using Office 365 and Azure Information Protection. You can still register for the event here See you there! David Nudelman

The London 2018 – Global Azure Bootcamp event review

This past Saturday I had the pleasure to organist the 2018 London Global Azure Bootcamp. We had a great turnout of 52 outstanding IT Professionals! We hired the wonderful conference rooms at Microsoft Paddington. We had 5 wonderful session from great speakers! First, we had the typical short keynote where I shared my views on the growing importance of the Cloud and the ever-expanding Azure offerings. The first morning session was presented buy Will Rowe, who talked about how “The rules for your career have changed” and a little bit about his book “Evolved or Die” The second morning session was presented by our very own Raphael Perez, who talked about Azure Information Protection, including how to use APIs to develop apps using its capabilities. Microsoft Corp sponsored the lunch with wonderful Subway boxes. The afternoon sessions kicked off with Mitesh Chauhan talking about How to build and manage…

Disable Directory Sync for Office 365

Disabling your local Active Directory Sync to Office 365 can be more challenging than you think. This is because all the information is very dispersed and there are a lot of references to DirSync. So, this is how you do it today! January 2018. Enabled Sync without using the IdFix tool in advanced? Have duplicated users and can’t delete them? Here is current way to disable Active Directory Sync with Office 365. If using Powershell V1: The first step is to uninstall the Microsoft Azure Active Directory Connect The next step is to download and install the Azure Active Directory Connection for PowerShell It will create a shortcut on the desktop. You can also run it by pressing the “Windows Key” and searching for Microsoft Azure Active Directory Module for Windows PowerShell If using PowerShell V2 Type: Install-Module -Name AzureAD Type: $UserCredential = Get-Credential Connect-MsolService -Credential $UserCredential And insert your Office…

Automate tasks between apps with Microsoft Flow

I am all for automation, yes it will kills jobs, but it will also free up your time from those boring repetitive tasks, so you can focus on what is important. What if you could receive a text message on your phone every time your boss sends you an email? What if you could automate replying to a tweet, sending an email to someone, adding it to a spread sheet and submit it by email every week with the activities? Flows can be composed of Actions, Conditions, Schedules, Approvals, List items, and much more. Microsoft Flow is part of Office 365. That is Microsoft Flow is for. Here is a quick video: All the documentation can be found here:

The case for end user analytics – Why End User Experience is the most important KPI for IT

Companies most valuable and at the same time most expensive resource is people. They make the wheel turn, they generate the cash flow and the opportunities. They are the most important asset we have. Over the years End Users are much better equipped. Powerful computers are now very cheap and it is rare to find a job where you don’t interact with one. To keep up with an environment where demands and workloads change constantly, we need a proactive way to make the interaction between our people and our machines flawless. Waiting for users to report issues is not an effective way to do it, and we know users only report issues when the impact on them is very significant. End User Analytics is the way forward. There is no doubt End User analytics is here to stay. It is everywhere. You wear it in your wrist to track you…

The case for continuous application management

Applications are the single most common reason why enterprise-level migrations fail. The lack of continuous application management causes a lot of disruption to projects and business as usual (BAU). Many times you see people asking about “application owners” and all you see are blank faces in response. Managing an application portfolio is a full time job, and has a lot of advantages, especially with the way IT is evolving. As every migration project has to deal with an epic journey of discovery when it comes to apps, here is a high level view of what you will have to discover: • Which apps are installed on every machine? • Which apps are actually in use • Who uses each app • Who still needs the applications that are installed • Can licenses be claimed back? • Where is the installation media / source code? • Can we retire some of…