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Where after Windows 10? Computer Weekly 500 Club event.

Last week I had the pleasure to present at the Computer Weekly 500 Club. An event for IT leaders that, every month, talks about a different subject about modern challenges faced by organizations. I was invited as one of the three speakers for the night along with Ian Turfrey, IT Director at City & Guilds and Andy Beale, Director of Common Technology Services for GDS. The topic of the month was the future of desktop and technology in general after Windows 10 is released. Conversations were very diverse and the round table discussed very interesting topics proposed by the audience. A great article with the main topics of the events was published on the Computer Weekly website. Check it out. For those who missed the event, here is a brief intro video recorded on the night. Cheers David Nudelman

6th MVP Award, a thank you post

Great news! I’ve been awarded as Microsoft MVP for the 6th time. It is a great honour to accomplish that. 2014 was a very challenging year, with the loss of my dear mother and a lot of good hard work going unnoticed. Fortunately, with the support of some great people, I can move on and achieve great things. ♪♫ I get by with a little help from my friends ♪♫ I would like to thank “The Desktop Team”, Raphael Perez and Heinrich Pelser for the motivation and for never giving up on me. The community for being the best group of crazy friends someone can have. Dani Alonso, Miguel Hernandez y Carlos Luengo helped me through this complicated year. And I would like to thank Cristina Gonzalez, a lot, for the continuous support. A big thank you! David Nudelman

Branch Office Direct Printing

Issue: Print jobs taking too long to get to the printer. Branch offices were experiencing small delays between hitting print and the printer actually getting the job Diagnostic: All the traffic is going through the WAN as printers are configured through policies. Solution: As we use Windows 8 and Server 2012, we identified the “Branch Office Direct Printing” which is a functionality in Server 2012 would resolve our issue, as it captures the ports and send the print job directly to the printer is the printer is local, instead of going through the print server. Result: Faster printing on branch offices and reduced WAN utilization. More on Branch Office Direct Printing

Microsoft MVP Cloud OS Community Week

Greetings! Microsoft is organizing a week full of interesting events presented by Microsoft MVPs. The events will take place at their London Offices, next to Victoria Station, from Monday 9th to Friday13th of September. More info and registration bellow.   Unlock Insights on any data – Monday 9th September Join leading MVPs for a two track one day event that tackles the delivery of Enterprise data platforms and analytics solutions. Please register to attend either track 1 or track 2: •             Track 1 will focus on building the modern enterprise data platform. In a series of three presentations we will tackle the issues of architecture, application frameworks, data integration and data exchange; learning all about the challenges faced by the modern data tier developer. Most importantly, we will learn how to creatively overcome them by enhancing our processing efficiency and analytical capability. Register to attend   •             Track 2 will focus on the…

Enable BYOD – Desktone published apps and desktops

Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager provides an amazing platform to manage the lifecycle of Desktops and Laptops. I would even go further and expand that to Virtual Desktops. My point of view is that Virtual Desktops should be treated the same way as normal desktops do. I can’t see a company re-imaging a bunch machines very so often. BYOD is growing in importance inside many companies’ desktop strategy. Delivering a desktop to a non corporate device is an alternative, but you should also consider publishing individual apps. Desktone provides an interesting addition to any desktop infrastructure, Virtual Desktops hosted on the cloud. It offers the flexibility of using a private, public or hybrid model, and can also deliver apps only to devices to smaller screens. For example, iPad users will not get a great experience when using a full Windows 7 desktop, but having access to PowerPoint seem like a…

Update and our Path to Windows 8 event

I’ve been away the last 2 weeks, where I had the opportunity to run the Chicago Half-Marathon and finish my Executive Certificate at the SLOAN School at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. I also had the chance to read the new book by Dan Brown – Inferno. Looks like at least one person agrees with the “mad scientist”. The reason I was away is because I left OCSL, company I have worked for the last 2 years. They have, by far, the most capable group of people I worked with, and I wish them all the best. I also started a new job on Monday, as Head of Solution Services at Molten Technologies. Molten specializes in VDI, providing all the surrounding services around it, from creating a business case for a desktop transformation project, to implementing it, including modernizing the datacenter to support VDI and the additional supporting technologies. We…

VDI is a HOT Topic

Indeed. Today I came accross a very interesting article about VDI, mostly focusing on why it is failing. That includes a link to a video from Brian Madden discussing the reason why VDI projects fail. Taking a step back and analyzing your current state and develop a solid desktop strategy is critical for a successful VDI or any desktop implementation/migration. We will discuss some of those aspects on the event Path to Windows 8. The event will take place on the 5th of July at the Microsoft London offices. Registration is free.  

How to take a screenshot on the Microsoft Surface

Just acquired a Microsoft Surface Pro and I was wondering how to take a screenshot when the keyboard is not connected. After a few seconds using my favorite search engine I came across the key combo to do it and was amazed. To take a screenshot on a Surface device PRO or RT, press the Windows button and volume down, yes that is right! Windows+Volume Down. It must be the Volume Down on the device not the one on the keyboard. The screenshots will be stored on the Screenshots folder inside the Pictures folder. Enjoy!