SCCM – Updated E-book SCCM Administration v3

Hi All, my updated SCCM e-book has finally been released. It took some time to write up and test. With 130 pages divided in 37 chapters, you’ll find lots of good info about starting with SCCM. And it is free… In this version, I removed Linux related topics, Updated Windows 10 to 1709, added sections for Cloud Management Gateway (CMG), Windows 10 Express updates, SCCM Data warehouse, Office 365 Installer, Windows 10 Update Readiness, Pending Reboot, updated some other section for SCCM 1710 and updated/added some powershell scripts To download, click here. let me know if you have any feedback

SCCM – New E-book EMS with SCCM & Intune

Hi All, my new SCCM e-book has finally been released. It took some time to write up and test. With 53 pages divided in 13 chapters, you’ll find lots of good info about starting with EMS. And it is free. To download, access, fill up the form and download the PDF. let me know if you have any feedback

Awesome news – Book & Software

Hi All, i have some awesome news to share with you. 1st news, yesterday my new SCCM e-book was finally released. It took some time to write up and test. With 197 pages divided in 33 chapters, you’ll find lots of good info. The book has also over 160 powershell scripts, so you can automate almost (if not all) SCCM tasks you’ll be performing on day to day basic. And on top of that, it is free. To download, access, fill up the form and download the PDF. 2nd news, yesterday we also released a new version of our Dashboard software, now called DataExplorer with modules for SCCM, SCSM, Hyper-V, Active Directory and Office365. To download a trial version of the software, access, fill up the form and download the Setup file.


Hi all, Over the last couple of weeks, I’ve been reviewing the latest book from a friend and fellow MVP Garth Jones called System Center Configuration Manager Reporting Unleashed. I have to say that I was impressed how good the book was written and cover most (if not all) aspects of what you need to know about reporting in SCCM. Of course, there are load of things that only the experience will teach you but this book is a good start. Over the years working with many companies that uses SCCM, I could “classify” the SCCM admin in 4 different categories: 1-Novice – someone that is starting with SCCM, he/she normally do not have any experience with SCCM nor with SQL and Reporting 2-Junior – someone that has a good knowledge of the SCCM when using the console, however, cannot do anything else. he/she may have a some knowledge of…

Book Review – Windows-noob OSD guides

Hi All, today I would like to comment about a book that I have read in the last few weeks that is the “The Windows-noob OSD Guides for Configuration Manager 2012 R2, by Niall Brady”. the 1st thing to say is the author, if you don’t know him, I suggest you access Niall has been publishing tutorials there for quite some time and it is a must-stop for those that are stating with SCCM as well as for those that has more experience. The book is well written and clear of what you need to do to achieve the goal, if it is to integrate SCCM with MBAM, deploy a surface pro, custom windows 8.1 start menu or anything else that is related with OSD. Customising boot image, creating custom forms to be using during OSD (HTA forms), drivers, etc. those are things that you need to know to…

Why IT leaders fail to get what they want

IT represents an increasing share of companies’ budgets and head counts. Yet, it still fails to communicate effectively with the rest of the business to align strategies and goals. The main reason for that is that IT leaders usually have a strong technical background. The technical background is critical to the leader’s influence on his team, but introduces a communication challenge with other areas of the business. Today I received this video from a CEO of a company. She can understand it, but told me I would not. She is right by the way! That is how she feels when the IT people from her company tries to communicate something IT is doing. IT fails to communicate with other areas to put their points across. IT Leaders have to communicate with the business in a “common language” and must articulate the message so any human can understand. This is the…

SCCM Automation with PowerShell – Webinar

Hi All, I’d like to invite you for my webinar with Secunia that that will happen on the 2nd and 23rd of September. In these webinars I’ll be talking about SCCM Automation with PowerShell. The 1st webinar, we’ll talk about the basics while the 2nd webinar, we’ll be looking at some scripts for software update automation And a gift for those attending the webinar, you will automatically participate in a draw of three editions (in a e-book format) of my latest publication: System Center 2012 R2 Configuration Manager: Automation from Zero to Hero 1st Webinar – SCCM Automation with PowerShell – Starting from the basics Patching systems and applications is a huge challenge, and doing it manually is not an option. In this session Microsoft MVP Raphael Perez will look at the basics of SCCM Automation with PowerShell. You’ll learn when automation should be used, get tips on making the…

Becoming a SCCM automation hero: SCCM & PowerShell automation course

Hi all Are you looking to be the SCCM automation hero? Look no further with my SCCM & PowerShell automation course I’ll be delivering a 3 days online course next July. The next course is scheduled to happen on 08, 09 and 10 July 2015 In this class, you’ll learn how to use Windows PowerShell to automate the deployment and management of a SCCM 2012 R2 environment What you’ll see/learn* – Overview of Automation, PowerShell and WMI – PowerShell, the basics – Tools & Resources – Deploying and Managing sites – Deploying and managing site system roles – Administrative Tasks – Assets and Compliance Tasks – Software Library Tasks – Console Extension – custom scripts and custom forms – Client Management (including Remote Management) *it may be subject to change During this course, you’ll have remote access to a lab environment where you will be able to learn while using….

System Center 2012 R2 Configuration Manager: Automation from Zero to Hero book is out

Hi All, Over the past few months I have been busy writing my new book about System Center 2012 R2 Configuration Manager and PowerShell called System Center 2012 R2 Configuration Manager: Automation from Zero to Hero. Today, I would like to let you know that it is now available as e-book via website (, as paperback via Amazon UK (, Amazon US ( and Amazon DE ( while other Amazon’s website should be available soon. For most Configuration Manager administrators, the Configuration Manager console is more than sufficient to perform the necessary operations. However you are limited to what the console is designed to handle. For more complex tasks, or those that might extend beyond the scope of the console, you need an alternative. This book is packet with real-world scripts that have proven to save time when automation day-to-day tasks in a Configuration Manager environment. What will you…

ConfigMgr: Automation from Zero to Hero

Hi All, Today is a great milestone for me because I just finished writing the ConfigMgr: Automation from Zero to Hero book. It is not under final review and should be available in the next couple of months. I have to thank David Nudelman, Heinrich Pelser and Panu Saukko for helping me to review and for their contributions as well as Dave Randall as without their help it would be much harder to finish it.