SCCM-SQL Server via PowerShell

5.0 01 Hi All, the 3rdpost of this series of SCCM via PowerShell, we’ll be looking at the SQL Server Installation & Configuration for SCCM… 1st, we need to create the firewall rules for SQL. I’m assuming the installation will be done using default instance, so the default port will be TCP 1433 and assuming the SSB Port (for SCCM Data replication if you have a hierarchy) will be 4022 (default).  

  2nd- Install the SQL Server. For this, you’ll need to have access to the SQL Server 2016 RTM source files. Copy the content of the DVD to c:\SQLSource. I’m also assuming the installation will happen on the C:\SQLServer and C:\SQLServer (x86) for the shared x86 files. I’m using the SYSTEM account for the services and will add the CLASSROOM\SCCM Admins as sysadmin (change as required)  

  3rd- Install SQL Management Studio. I’ve downloaded the…

SCCM-Site Server Requirements via PowerShell

0.0 00 Hi All, the 2nd post of this series of SCCM via PowerShell, we’ll be looking at the Site Server Requirements… 1st, it is .net framework 3.5. For this, you’ll need to have access to the Windows Server (2012 or 2016) source files. Copy the content of the DVD to c:\WSSource  

  2nd- Confirm the .Net Framework 4.6 is installed. On the default installation, it is already installed, so we only need to check, so running the below powershell, you’ll see the Installed under Install State  

  3rd- Install the RDC windows feature  

  4th- Windows ADK. 1st, we need to download the ADK Setup File to a location in the hard drive (so create a folder called c:\TrainingFiles\Source\ADK and c:\TrainingFiles\Source\ADKW10). After that, we’ll download the ADK Files using the downloaded ADK Setup file. once it is completed (it will take a while),…

SCCM-Schema Extension via PowerShell

5.0 05 Hi All, life as consultant has to be always quick and without any mistakes, so automation is the key here. and to start, lets do something that we don’t do every day…Extend the Active Directory for SCCM 1st, execute Extadsch.exe (source from c:\SCCMCBSource)  

  2nd- Create the System Management Container and assign the correct security rights (Group is SCCM Servers)  

  that’s it for today.

Windows 10

5.0 01 Hi All, Windows 10 has been released over a year ago and there are still lots of people that don’t know what you can/cannot do with Windows 10, what edition, flavour, etc. they need to use. So, based on this, I’ve created this blog post and I’ll try to show you what is/is not available on each version and flavour of windows. Windows 10 Editions Windows 10 come with lots of editions, that are: Home – as the same says, it is for home users Professional – it has some extra features for business but they are for small business companies, normally companies that don’t need (or cannot afford) buying enterprise. Most of the time they buy PC’s with this version. This should be used for that start-up and not enterprise Professional Education – as the same already says, this is for education sector. Enterprise – This is…

SCCM-Script to get some MDT Variables

5.0 01 Hi All, Every time when I go to customer to perform Operating System Deployment, customer always ask about MDT, so I’m here to try to clarify things: – MDT is a great tool, however, it only does OS Deployment, nothing else. It also only does LTI (or Little Touch) – SCCM does what MDT does and much more, it does application deployment, inventory, compliance, as well as OSD (LTI as well as ZTI – Zero Touch) But why there is always this talk?!?! For companies that do not have any tool that can do OS Deployment, MDT can be used. it is really easy to install and configure, in couple of hours you can have an environment ready to start deploying your 1st Windows. But remember what i said, for companies that do not have any tool that can do OS Deployment. If you have SCCM, MDT is…

Data Explorer v1.1 release

0.0 00 Hi All, Today, we are proud to announce: BI Dashboard has been renamed to Data Explorer Data Explorer has been extended and now has modules for not only SCCM, but also for Active Directory and Office 365 A new version (v1.1) is now available Since the release of the v1.0, our development team have been busy and with release of v1.1, we have fixed 39 issues and added 55 new functionalities. A full list of the changes can be found here. And we are also working hard to keep our documentation website always up to date. We will be updating our online and offline documentation often, so keep your eyes open on Try it now! Make sure you download the software here and enjoy a 45 days trial. Hope you will enjoy and feel free to ask questions and provide feedback.

Surface Pro 4 – USB boot issue without keyboard

0.0 00 Hi All, I’m currently engaged in a Windows 10 migration project. Customer is trying to remove all the infrastructure from the locations and because of this, there is no DP on the sites. A content provider like 1E Nomad would be a great solution for this customer, however, at the moment, they preferred to use an USB solution. The task sequence has been created to support this scenario as well as i have created some custom scripts to help with the deployment, so the deployment needs a network (not wifi) and USB. It has been great, until i had to test the deployment on a Surface Pro. As you can imagine, Surface Pro 4 only have 1 USB port, so how can I achieve the deployment on this scenario? if i use the USB port for the TS, i don’t have network. If i use it for the…

TucanData Acquires RFL Systems

0.0 00 RFL Systems is now part of TucanData Hi All, after many months of conversation, today, I’m proud to say that the acquisition of RFL Systems by TucanData Ltd has been completed.. RFL Systems has been founded to provide the best in System Center Consultancy and Training and since 2015, RFL Systems has been working on a tool called BI Dashboard, a Business Intelligence Software for System Center Configuration Manager. It gives me great pride to say that the BI Dashboard has over 3,000 active installations and over 10,000 downloads. I wanted to inform that the acquisition and what this acquisition mean to our clients. There are few things I want to highlight: • Things have not changed one bit. The team of consultants and developers is retained and they will continue doing the awesome job they have being doing. • The BI Dashboard is still being developed. In…

SCCM-Software Metering

0.0 00 Hi All, Every time I go to customer, majority (if not all), do not use this feature. This is really frustrating for me, because this is one of the features that I love. I normally understand why and I can summarize in the following list: 1- Customer does not know this feature even exist 2- Customer does not need this feature 3- Customer has already other software that does the same thing So let’s detail each point 1- Customer does not know this feature even exist This is a common scenario, SCCM is a huge, massive product with lots of features, not everyone know every single feature. So if you (or your company) does not know, this is what Software Metering is: “Use software metering in System Center Configuration Manager to monitor and collect software usage data from Windows PCs.” 2- Customer does not need this feature Not…

Intune Stand-Alone and Hybrid Comparison

5.0 04 Hi All, have you ever need to compare what Intune Stand-Alone and Hybrid can do for you? there are lots of information out there, but none (as far as my research goes), did a comparison between the settings. it is easy to say if you have over 50k devices, you should consider the hybrid scenario (where sccm connects to intune), but if you’re lower than that number? Should you consider Intune Stand-Alone or Hybrid? In his blog post i’ll try to provide you some of the key points and providing a winner (in my opinion). In this post i’m only looking at the MDM solution for iOS and Android Knox comparison and not every single feature that both solutions can provide. Before we start, I’ve focused on the version 1511 of the SCCM with some notes of what available on the 1602 and the latest version of intune,…