SCCM – New E-book EMS with SCCM & Intune

Hi All, my new SCCM e-book has finally been released. It took some time to write up and test. With 53 pages divided in 13 chapters, you’ll find lots of good info about starting with EMS. And it is free. To download, access, fill up the form and download the PDF. let me know if you have any feedback

Intune Stand-Alone and Hybrid Comparison

Hi All, have you ever need to compare what Intune Stand-Alone and Hybrid can do for you? there are lots of information out there, but none (as far as my research goes), did a comparison between the settings. it is easy to say if you have over 50k devices, you should consider the hybrid scenario (where sccm connects to intune), but if you’re lower than that number? Should you consider Intune Stand-Alone or Hybrid? In his blog post i’ll try to provide you some of the key points and providing a winner (in my opinion). In this post i’m only looking at the MDM solution for iOS and Android Knox comparison and not every single feature that both solutions can provide. Before we start, I’ve focused on the version 1511 of the SCCM with some notes of what available on the 1602 and the latest version of intune, and I…

SCCM 2012 – Powershell for Creating iOS Store Apps

Hi All, Have you ever need an application/dt based on an iTunes link? if yes, you know how time consuming it is and the experience is not great. Based on this, i’ve created this powershell that will, from a itunes link, identify the name of the application, publisher, category and create a new application (if needed) as well as a new deployment type called iOS, also if needed. to use this powershell, you need to pass the sdkserver and the sitecode as well as a text file with the iTunes links (1 per line) the text file should look like the following: the command line would look like: .\ImportiTunesApplication.ps1 -sdkserver “SRV0007” -sitecode “CLC” -filename “c:\temp\ituneslist.txt” at the end, you’ll see all apps being created