Microsoft Surface

Surface Pro 4 – USB boot issue without keyboard

Hi All, I’m currently engaged in a Windows 10 migration project. Customer is trying to remove all the infrastructure from the locations and because of this, there is no DP on the sites. A content provider like 1E Nomad would be a great solution for this customer, however, at the moment, they preferred to use an USB solution. The task sequence has been created to support this scenario as well as i have created some custom scripts to help with the deployment, so the deployment needs a network (not wifi) and USB. It has been great, until i had to test the deployment on a Surface Pro. As you can imagine, Surface Pro 4 only have 1 USB port, so how can I achieve the deployment on this scenario? if i use the USB port for the TS, i don’t have network. If i use it for the network, i…

SCCM Surface Pro 4 Domain Join Issues (Windows 10)

Afternoon, Had some fun and games whilst onsite with SCCM, Windows 10 and Surface Pro 4’s (SP4). I captured my reference image using MDT, downloaded the drivers from Microsoft, imported everything into SCCM, configured the task sequence and then the trouble started … I couldn’t find the Ethernet drivers for the SP4 so instead I used the Ethernet drivers for the Pro 3 to allow my boot image to start working. After the boot issues were overcome, the build finishes but the device wouldn’t domain join. On some occasions, the Ethernet dongle for the surface wouldn’t turn back on after a reboot and other times it did … So I managed to track down all the correct drivers I needed and re-created the boot.wim to get back on track, this time the Ethernet dongle stayed up after the reboots and I hoped that this would fix the domain join issues and it didn’t…

How to take a screenshot on the Microsoft Surface

Just acquired a Microsoft Surface Pro and I was wondering how to take a screenshot when the keyboard is not connected. After a few seconds using my favorite search engine I came across the key combo to do it and was amazed. To take a screenshot on a Surface device PRO or RT, press the Windows button and volume down, yes that is right! Windows+Volume Down. It must be the Volume Down on the device not the one on the keyboard. The screenshots will be stored on the Screenshots folder inside the Pictures folder. Enjoy!