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Automate tasks between apps with Microsoft Flow

0.0 00 I am all for automation, yes it will kills jobs, but it will also free up your time from those boring repetitive tasks, so you can focus on what is important. What if you could receive a text message on your phone every time your boss sends you an email? What if you could automate replying to a tweet, sending an email to someone, adding it to a spread sheet and submit it by email every week with the activities? Flows can be composed of Actions, Conditions, Schedules, Approvals, List items, and much more. Microsoft Flow is part of Office 365. That is Microsoft Flow is for. Here is a quick video: All the documentation can be found here:

TucanData DataExplorer

4.0 01 The TucanData DataExplorer was initially developed by RFL Systems (company acquired by TucanData in September 2016 – more info about at The solution provides extensions to enterprise applications, enhancing reports and data visualisation capabilities. TucanData’s DataExplorer is a cutting-edge data visualisation platform which helps enterprises to consume and distribute strategic business information. The solution was created to help System Center Configuration Manager (SCCM) administrators to analyse and monitor SCCM data as well as provide an easy way to allow a non-technical person to understand the SCCM Data. The solution has expanded since its conception and today it also has Active Directory, Office 365, System Center Service Manager (SCSM) and Hyper-V modules. It provides the following benefits: – Straightforward and easy to use. Visualisation of what you want is just a drag and drop click away; – Ready to use. There is no need to spend time creating…

Awesome news – Book & Software

0.0 00 Hi All, i have some awesome news to share with you. 1st news, yesterday my new SCCM e-book was finally released. It took some time to write up and test. With 197 pages divided in 33 chapters, you’ll find lots of good info. The book has also over 160 powershell scripts, so you can automate almost (if not all) SCCM tasks you’ll be performing on day to day basic. And on top of that, it is free. To download, access, fill up the form and download the PDF. 2nd news, yesterday we also released a new version of our Dashboard software, now called DataExplorer with modules for SCCM, SCSM, Hyper-V, Active Directory and Office365. To download a trial version of the software, access, fill up the form and download the Setup file.

Data Explorer v1.1 release

0.0 00 Hi All, Today, we are proud to announce: BI Dashboard has been renamed to Data Explorer Data Explorer has been extended and now has modules for not only SCCM, but also for Active Directory and Office 365 A new version (v1.1) is now available Since the release of the v1.0, our development team have been busy and with release of v1.1, we have fixed 39 issues and added 55 new functionalities. A full list of the changes can be found here. And we are also working hard to keep our documentation website always up to date. We will be updating our online and offline documentation often, so keep your eyes open on Try it now! Make sure you download the software here and enjoy a 45 days trial. Hope you will enjoy and feel free to ask questions and provide feedback.

Automation Backup in a Hyper-v for Small Business/Start up

4.5 02 Hi All, small business and start up’s are always looking for ways to save money. As you should know, small companies they don’t have money to buy fancy products and when people decide to open their business, they have a small amount of money to do some X (this could be buy a PC, server, etc) and keep it running for a couple of months/year without need to invest anymore. When I started RFLSystems while ago, I had the same, a money to start the business and keep it running for some time. in my case, I needed an environment that would be used to do demos to customers as well as running production stuff like CRM, SCCM, File Share, etc. As you can imagine, for me going to cloud was easy, I could add some vm’s, buy services from provides, etc. but, money was a restriction. for…

SCCM-Deploying Office 365 via ConfigMgr

5.0 01 Hi All, while ago, Microsoft released the Office 365, and as you may know, office 365 is not just e-mail, it also has lots of features and services connected to it. Depending on the “flavour” (plan) that you are using (yes, there are lots of licensing stuff) you may get office and windows for “free”. Anyway, Microsoft had office 2013 that was available for companies and they had the files that we could install on our computer by just running the setup.exe. for an administrator, you also could use customizations (using the /adminfile) and customize the whole installation and user experience. But this had a problem, the user could only use office, after the setup had been done. Now, imagine a scenario where you have BYOD or mobile users, they connect to the network and open the Application Catalog (Software center, the new Software Center on CM build…

To cloud or not to cloud?

4.5 02 For those that know me, knows that I’m a huge fan of cloud when it makes sense. Be on cloud just to tell people that is on cloud does not make sense and your company is probably losing money. For small companies, be on cloud is always the simplest solution, they don’t need infrastructure, they don’t need to buy anything, so, they don’t need a lot of money to start. With the big push from Microsoft and with its new corporation theme “cloud first mobile first”, many companies are migrating or using some sort of cloud. The benefit exist, how much would cost you to host an exchange server in your company? The license for office proplus? Energy? Server? Backup? etc. And not forgetting, someone to help you with the setup and monthly maintenance. If you get office 365, you get the same for about £15 + vat…

SCCM 2012 – Office 365

0.0 00 Hi All, with SCCM 2012, Microsoft introduced an option for management of the devices via Exchange Active Sync. On the Console, you can find this option under Administration->Hierarchy Configuration->Exchange Server Connectors. When you add a new on-premises exchange server, this configuration is quite simple, however, if you try to do this using your Exchange Online or Office 365 subscription, this is not quite easy, at least it was not for me. In this post, we’ll walk through all necessary steps to connect your SCCM 2012 R2 to your Office 365. I’d assume the steps for a 2012 SP1 environment will be the sames, however, as i have no SP1 lab anymore, i cannot confirm. 1- Download and install the Microsoft Online Services Sign-In Assistant version 7.0 or greater. From you can download the 7.2 version. Remember to install it on the site server:) The installation is really…