SCCM – Updated E-book SCCM Administration v3

4.4 09 Hi All, my updated SCCM e-book has finally been released. It took some time to write up and test. With 130 pages divided in 37 chapters, you’ll find lots of good info about starting with SCCM. And it is free… In this version, I removed Linux related topics, Updated Windows 10 to 1709, added sections for Cloud Management Gateway (CMG), Windows 10 Express updates, SCCM Data warehouse, Office 365 Installer, Windows 10 Update Readiness, Pending Reboot, updated some other section for SCCM 1710 and updated/added some powershell scripts To download, click here. let me know if you have any feedback

Windows 10

5.0 01 Hi All, Windows 10 has been released over a year ago and there are still lots of people that don’t know what you can/cannot do with Windows 10, what edition, flavour, etc. they need to use. So, based on this, I’ve created this blog post and I’ll try to show you what is/is not available on each version and flavour of windows. Windows 10 Editions Windows 10 come with lots of editions, that are: Home – as the same says, it is for home users Professional – it has some extra features for business but they are for small business companies, normally companies that don’t need (or cannot afford) buying enterprise. Most of the time they buy PC’s with this version. This should be used for that start-up and not enterprise Professional Education – as the same already says, this is for education sector. Enterprise – This is…

1E After Work – Let’s talk about Windows 10

0.0 00 Hi All, Are you interested at all in Windows 10? if Yes, this is your chance. Let’s talk about Windows 10 on 26/November/2015 from 18:45 to 21:00. So, join us for the first ever 1E After Work, an opportunity to socialise with peers and industry experts at a relaxed and unique networking event. David Nudelman and I are going to be talking about Windows 10, answering your question, focusing on Deployment and usage on the Enterprise world. I hope I’ll see you there. Register now, limited seats available.

Where after Windows 10? Computer Weekly 500 Club event.

0.0 00 Last week I had the pleasure to present at the Computer Weekly 500 Club. An event for IT leaders that, every month, talks about a different subject about modern challenges faced by organizations. I was invited as one of the three speakers for the night along with Ian Turfrey, IT Director at City & Guilds and Andy Beale, Director of Common Technology Services for GDS. The topic of the month was the future of desktop and technology in general after Windows 10 is released. Conversations were very diverse and the round table discussed very interesting topics proposed by the audience. A great article with the main topics of the events was published on the Computer Weekly website. Check it out. For those who missed the event, here is a brief intro video recorded on the night. Cheers David Nudelman

Disable First Logon Animation in Windows 8.1 (SCCM 2012 & MDT) @Heinrich_Pelser

5.0 06 Players, I thought I’d share this simple little tip to disable that annoying “Hi” screen when you login for the first time after a fresh build. You know this screen …  I created a registry key to disable the animation when you first login and added it to my task sequence as a package. Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00 [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Policies\System] “EnableFirstLogonAnimation”=dword:00000000 The command line that I used was a follows … regedit.exe /S Disable_First_Run_Animation.reg And if you want to disable this via GPO – you can change these settings to disable the message once you’re on the domain: Computer Configuration\Administrative Templates\System\Logon\Show first sign-in animation Enjoy. H  

@Heinrich_Pelser Windows 10. Top 6.4 things you want to know.

0.0 00 Players, Windows 10. Excited? Well you should be. Or maybe you shouldn’t. I don’t know about you, but my entire body is numb with the constant barrage of “new and totally awesome this time round, we promise software” from Microsoft. Here is some stuff you might want to know. 1. Windows 10 for Business If it wasn’t for enterprise clients, Microsoft would be dead. So tailoring a new OS that will replace, well, Windows 7, is a must. The “vision” is that end users will have an intuitive and much more familiar desktop experience as things are taking a step back into the norm. There is also a promise that management of Windows 10 can be done with existing enterprise solutions such as System Center or InTune. The push is towards the cloud and we will see more and more releases from Microsoft that will introduce cloud bases management of enterprise kit…

Event – People Centric IT

5.0 01 Hi All, I know that has been a while since the last post, a bit more than 1 month to be exactly. During this time, i have been busy creating and delivering couple of presentations (Birmingham and Reading) as well as creating content for this site (a blog post about this will happen soon :)).. Birmingham i presented 4 sessions, (yes, i think people had too much of me that day) and Reading only 1…but was recorded, so once online i’ll post the link for you that missed. anyway, here you can download my presentations: BYOD & CYOD MDM with SCCM & Intune OSD And for those at the locations, send me an email (raphael AT rflsystems DOT co DOT uk) and you’ll be entering in a draw to win a copy of my e-book

SCCM 2012 – Cutomizing Windows lock screen

5.0 01 Hi All, today i’ll talk about how to customize the Windows Lock Screen as well as the user/guest picture via OS Deployment (read as Task Sequence) it is really easy. the way i do is always copy the files i need to have on the client machine after the apply os and before the setup windows using robocopy. if you want to know how to do this, check my post about robocopy and task sequence here anyway, the problem is simple, which file and copy where… there are 4 files responsible for the user picture as well as picture. yes, that picture you see when you log on to a machine while typing your username/password. These files (user.bmp, user.png, guest.bmp and guest.png) should be put under c:\ProgramData\Microsoft\User Account Pictures See here for more information Now that you customized the icon, this is what you’ll see when trying to…

UEV – UEV Template to ADMX/ADML

5.0 01 Hi All, recently i was at a customer site implementing UEV. For those that don’t know what UEV is, it is the Microsoft User Experience Virtualization. It basically monitor windows and application and save data to a shared folder. the data that it saves are basically registry and files. You may think why people use it (or similar tool). it is easy, once you have your “personalization”, you can move machines and get the same experience on the next machine without need to customize it again. Microsoft gives few templates out of the box, but you need to create (or download from other sources, such as Technet Gallery). However, when you need to administer the utilization of these templates centrally, there is no easy way. Phil Schwan created a post that shows you how to change an ADMX/ADML of the existing UE-V Template for a simple application. But…

Install Client action is disabled for unsupported value

5.0 01 Hi All, recently i was at a customer and noticed one event viewer quite annoying Level: Error Source: Critial EventID: 3 Data: Install Client action is disabled for unsupported value of ResoruceType, ClientType or Unknown The interesting thing was on the smsadminui.log [25, PID:5284][11/15/2013 09:55:18] :Install Client action is disabled for unsupported value of ResoruceType, ClientType or Unknown but why this was happening was not clear for me, until my fellow friend MVP Jason Sandys guesses that this would be when you right clicking on a resource in the console so that it knows whether or not to enable the install client option on the context menu. Because of the ribbon bar, it may happen on normal left click selection also. I went and checked this and for some reason it did no happened again, however, as i was doing some OS Deployment tests, i had a “Unknown”…