HP Laptop – Keyboard and trackpad not working

HP Laptop – Keyboard and trackpad not working

I have a HP ProBook that I acquired almost 2 years ago. It is a beautiful machine: i7, M.2 Storage, 8GB Ram, VGA, HDMI, network port, USB C, 2 USB ports and it is relatively light.

Recently the track-pad stopped working so I started carrying a mouse around. Annoying but not life-threatening. But htis morning the keyboard stopped working as well.

I tried quite a few things and after some frustration and trial and error I came up with a obscure option found in one of HP’s forum. It was not the comment marked as answered, but another one towards the end.

1. Turn off the laptop
2. Remove AC power if plugged.
3. press and Hold Power button for more than 60 seconds.
4. Then, Start the Laptop as Usual.

I know, I know.. It makes no sense but it does resolve the problem. Both trackpad and keyboard are back to work now. I was about to start a search for the next “Top Model”…. lol

Let me know if this was helpful in the comments

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