MAP Toolkit – machine keeps rebooting – Resolved!

I really like the Microsoft Assessment and Planning Toolkit (MAP). In most cases it captures more information than my clients can provide at the kick-off of a project. It gives me the ability to get a very solid overview of the current desktop estate of a domain and drill down important information for the decision making process later in the project. For example, it will give me the model of all the PCs so we can plan for the number of machines that need to be replaced or upgraded, and a list of the software installed on the machines, which serves as an initial application discovery exercise.

I always run it form my laptop, and for the first time I had to run it from a client machine as we are not allowed to connect to the network of this specific client, which is perfectly fine. The issue I am had was that every time I initiated an Assessment the machine would reboot half way through it. There are no settings on the MAP tool console to manage how many connections, bandwidth or threads are used, so it was hard to identify the problem. The machines meet all the requirements; it is an i5 Laptop with 4GB of RAM and a gigabit network connection.

After some digging up I found out the solution on the MAP Team Blog, great resource if you are a MAP junkie like I am. In an article called “MAP Toolkit may cause network saturation or machine to reboot” they kindly give away where you can tweak the settings on maximum number of machines to inventory at the same time and minimum number of threads that MAP will use.

Once I reduced the vales from 52 to 26, the assessment went smoothly. But before you try that, make sure you install this WMI hotfix, as it might solve the problem right away without any additional work.

Happy assessment!

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