Moving your data to Office 365 – SharePoint Migration Tool

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One of the coolest features on Office 365 is OneDrive. Storing personal data and synchronizing file repositories from SharePoint are just a few of the great capabilities of OneDrive.

Migrating all those file shares to SharePoint on Office 365 used to be a pain or require expensive tools. But the new SharePoint Migration Tool v2 (BETA) is here to help, and the great thing is that it is FREE!!!

Planning – Map the network shares and subfolders and design what the SharePoint structure and sites would be.

In this quick walkthrough we will migrate all the corporate logos for Click Enterprise to the Marketing SharePoint site. The logos are currently hosted on OneDrive, connected to a on premise SharePoint.

In this case the Marketing SharePoint site already exists in the organisation and is used by technical consultants, sales and marketing teams.

Execution – Download the SharePoint Migration tool. After installation sign in with an Office 365 account that has access the SharePoint Library you will choose as destination.

Select the source – location where the files you want to import is located.

Next choose the SharePoint Site and Library where you want the files to be placed:

You can select multiple sources and destinations and create a task list for migrations:

You can see the progress of the migration and it includes a detailed report on what was migrated and errors.

TOP TIP – Test the migration first with a small amount of data to test the results and if the destination folder is on the format you are looking for.

Happy migration!

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