SCCM, new features to test!

SCCM, new features to test!

System Center Configuration Manager has got a new load of new functionality on the latest Technical Preview Branch function.

Changes to the platform’s infrastructure include the ability to exclude sub-containers marked as “Active Directory” if you find that searching often ends with too many objects being served, while it’s also now possible to test the movement of an entire content repository from one location on your website’s standard server to a remote or cloud-based location.

New test features available in the Software Center, include the ability to have the client automatically uninstall an application in the event that the application’s permissions get retracted. In addition, you can now also stipulate whether or not they want a link to the Application Catalog to be visible.

The update also gives you the ability to experiment with the display of primary user information when browsing a collection. To access this feature, users can head to “Assets and Compliance” and then “Device Collections”. You are now also able to submit feedback in a more streamlined and efficient manner: the “Send a Smile” function allows you to pass on your responses (whether positive or constructive) to those behind Configuration Manager.

Happy testing!

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