The curious case of the Right Click -> Send to -> Mail recipient

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In a recent work I am delivering we remove the native Mail app from the Windows 10 image. This is common practice in order to prevent users from having multiple email clients and most importantly, to make it easy for Outlook to become the default email application.

Microsoft Office comes in many different flavours and as we use SCCM for almost everything, we tend to go for Office 365 click to run installations of Office.

We encountered an issue where using Click to Run versions of Office and removing the Windows Mail app, therefore forcing Outlook to the default mail application causes the Send to -> Mail recipient function on Windows 10 to crash explorer.exe

After some investigation and frustrating moments, which included blaming different apps for this behaviour, I was enlightened by a post on the brilliant Dan Gough‏ blog:

The fix is relatively simple, you need to create the registry keys to allow Windows to interact with the Click To Run instance of Office. Below are the keys for both 32 and 64 bit versions of Office:

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