The London 2018 – Global Azure Bootcamp event review

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The London 2018 – Global Azure Bootcamp event review
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This past Saturday I had the pleasure to organist the 2018 London Global Azure Bootcamp. We had a great turnout of 52 outstanding IT Professionals!

We hired the wonderful conference rooms at Microsoft Paddington.

We had 5 wonderful session from great speakers!

First, we had the typical short keynote where I shared my views on the growing importance of the Cloud and the ever-expanding Azure offerings.

The first morning session was presented buy Will Rowe, who talked about how “The rules for your career have changed” and a little bit about his book “Evolved or Die”

The second morning session was presented by our very own Raphael Perez, who talked about Azure Information Protection, including how to use APIs to develop apps using its capabilities.

Microsoft Corp sponsored the lunch with wonderful Subway boxes.

The afternoon sessions kicked off with Mitesh Chauhan talking about How to build and manage rock solid Azure VM and SQL Infrastructure.

The second afternoon session we had Martynas Valkunas with Managing and monitoring your Azure, AWS and on premises Infrastructure using Azure Log Analytics

And finally, to finish the day strong we had a great session with Eldert Grootenboer about Industrial IoT with IoT Hub.

Also a big thank you for our sponsor:

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