“The User Profile Service service failed the sign-in” Saga, how I found a solution

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When trying to login on a Windows Server I get the following message:

The User Profile Service service failed the sign-in

User profile cannot be loaded

Windows logon screen

When you search for it you will find a multitude of entries on “Bing” lol. I started looking at the ones that suggested going to the registry keys and deleting the profile that was not working properly, but in my case, I could not login with any new account. After loggin in with an account that was already there I could see that the new accounts trying to log in were not created on the registry. I also checked the folders under c:\Users and there were no folders for the new users. So… and any IT person should know I when for the natural step, scheduled a server reboot.

Next morning I tried to login with the new account and boom,,,, nothing. So I decided to look at the next set of “Bing” (lol) results and found some suggestion to go to the C:\Users\Default and play around with the folder permissions. I was getting close, but that still didn’t do the trick.

The solution in my case was to renamed the Default user folder to Default.old and copy the Default user folder from another server with the same OS version. A few seconds later I could successfully login!

Two lessons:

1- Trial and error, experiment, give it a go, live and learn

2- Never stop believing!


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