Why IT leaders fail to get what they want

IT represents an increasing share of companies’ budgets and head counts. Yet, it still fails to communicate effectively with the rest of the business to align strategies and goals. The main reason for that is that IT leaders usually have a strong technical background. The technical background is critical to the leader’s influence on his team, but introduces a communication challenge with other areas of the business.

Today I received this video from a CEO of a company. She can understand it, but told me I would not. She is right by the way! That is how she feels when the IT people from her company tries to communicate something IT is doing.

IT fails to communicate with other areas to put their points across. IT Leaders have to communicate with the business in a “common language” and must articulate the message so any human can understand. This is the only way that the hard working technical people will be able to have all their hard work valued.

There are some interesting new books about this. I just finished reading “The REAL Business of IT: How CIOs Create and Communicate Value”.

Happy communication.

David Nudelman

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