Wioski 2.0 is out!

Just got very good news from my friend Sami Laiho. He just released the new version 0f his tool, Wioski 2.0.

Here are the details:

I believe everyone needs Windows 8 somehow now that its general availability date is tomorrow so I’d like you to be aware that my free Wioski 2.0 has just been released to production use. It’s the best solution for self-resetting demo machines and slates. Wioski is a free SteadyState replacement that resets a Windows 7 or 8 machine to its original state as fast it normally takes the computer to reboot.

How often do we hear that Windows works for some time and then needs to be reinstalled – What if your Windows would reinstall every time it reboots – think about it! As most of you know what Wioski is here’s a short list of what’s new in 2.0:

– Faster reset (thanks to Ronald Beekelaar for pointing me to a solution that eliminated the Windows PE totally)

– Support for Windows 8

– One installation media for Windows 7 and 8, for USB and DVD/ISO, and for both x86 and x64

– Ability to enable or disable the automatic reverting on every boot making it ideal for use in classrooms

– A lot of small fixes

Check out videos and download the free tool at http://www.wioski.com/

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