SCCM Surface Pro 4 Domain Join Issues (Windows 10)

SCCM Surface Pro 4 Domain Join Issues (Windows 10)


Had some fun and games whilst onsite with SCCM, Windows 10 and Surface Pro 4’s (SP4). I captured my reference image using MDT, downloaded the drivers from Microsoft, imported everything into SCCM, configured the task sequence and then the trouble started …

I couldn’t find the Ethernet drivers for the SP4 so instead I used the Ethernet drivers for the Pro 3 to allow my boot image to start working.

After the boot issues were overcome, the build finishes but the device wouldn’t domain join. On some occasions, the Ethernet dongle for the surface wouldn’t turn back on after a reboot and other times it did … So I managed to track down all the correct drivers I needed and re-created the boot.wim to get back on track, this time the Ethernet dongle stayed up after the reboots and I hoped that this would fix the domain join issues and it didn’t …

After some lengthy troubleshooting, making sure the service account was fine, checking DNS, connectivity, task sequence was fine, checking the SCCM logs, I found nothing it was still the same, nothing would domain join.

But checking the windows\panther logs and specifically the netsetup.log, I noticed what the issues was, in my task sequence it was pointing to the computers CONTAINER and not an OU … once I pointed the computer account to a OU and not a CONTAINER the issues all went away, domain join was finally working.

Raph pointed me in the right direction. Thanks bud.



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