2016 is gone, welcome 2017

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Hi All,

it has been a while since I last post here. The last one was back in October and I have to say, since them i’ve been busy and i hope you’ll appreciate what you’ll be getting out of it this year.

i have to say that 2016 was a great year, i have published 1 e-book and start writing another one, published many posts here and helped the community not just online but offline as well. the only thing i regret about last year was the lack of physical events and i hope we’ll be able to host some this year.

So to start 2017, I was trilled to get my MVP renewed. It is a great start of the year for the work i’ve done (and will continue doing). This is my 8th award. There is no words to say how good is to be part of this community.

Also, to have a good 2017 year, i’m doing the final review of my administration e-book. This e-book is just a updated version of the old one, but now we’re talking about Windows Server 2016, SQL Server 2016, SCCM CB (1610) as well as lots of powershell…yes, powershell….

I also have my other e-book, about MDM with SCCM & Intune being reviewed and it should be published soon….

And i have planned a lot more for this year ahead. lots of posts, videos, e-book and continue doing what I love…SCCM, PowerShell & Helping the community to achieve more.

I hope you’ll like what you’ll get as much i like doing it…so see you back here soon…


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