Awesome news – Book & Software

Hi All,

i have some awesome news to share with you.

1st news, yesterday my new SCCM e-book was finally released. It took some time to write up and test. With 197 pages divided in 33 chapters, you’ll find lots of good info. The book has also over 160 powershell scripts, so you can automate almost (if not all) SCCM tasks you’ll be performing on day to day basic. And on top of that, it is free.

To download, access, fill up the form and download the PDF.

2nd news, yesterday we also released a new version of our Dashboard software, now called DataExplorer with modules for SCCM, SCSM, Hyper-V, Active Directory and Office365.

To download a trial version of the software, access, fill up the form and download the Setup file.

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