ConfigMgr HealthCheck toolkit – Beta 04

Hi All,

after long, long time, we are happy to announce that the HealthCheck toolkit is once again available for download and we released a new version, beta 04 with some small fixes…

What is the System Center Configuration Manager HealthCheck Toolkit?

The System Center Configuration Manager HealthCheck Toolkit (CMHealthCheck) has been created to check for problem and/or misconfiguration in the SCCM environment and, when possible, will provide you with some solutions for problems.

You can download it for free from:

how to use it:
1- CollectData.ps1 (This script will collect information from a CM12/R2 Infrastructure). Open the powershell (64 bits) and run with an account that has admin rights on the cm boxes as it will connect remotely to registry, wmi, etc.

  1. CollectData.ps1 -smsprovider servername (ie. CollectData.ps1 -smsprovider srv0003)
  2. Once it collect data, it will create a CollectData.log under _Logs and will create a Date\servername folder (ie. 2013-12-05\srv0003)

2- ExportData.ps1 (this script will export the collected data to a Word 2013 format). Open powershell (64 bits) on a machine with Word 2013 installed (don’t need have admin rights on the local box this time)

  1. ExportData.ps1 -reportfolder C:\Temp\CM12R2HealthCheck\2013-12-05\srv0003 (this will perform a full export)
  2. ExportData.ps1 -reportfolder C:\Temp\CM12R2HealthCheck\2013-12-05\srv0003 -detailed $false (this will export summary information)


we’d like to hear from you…send your queries/comments to


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