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Hi All,

after long overdue, i’m now moving all my public “stuff” to github (

All tools that i use will be under the tools repository ( where you can find powershell, vbs and c# stuff. Most of the tools will be something i’ve created, but some will be from another author where i add information about where the source comes from…

Everything about the SCCM e-Book Administration v3 is under

I’m also already preparing the v4 of the e-book that is available under the SCCMAdminEbookv4 repository and if you want to help me write, there is a template word file that you can download froom Scripts will also be available there.

the repository EMS-with-Microsoft-Intune-E-Book ( will have all the content that for my new e-book about Intune (once i have finished with the v4 SCCM e-book :))

and of course, you’re free to help out if you wish..and any issues, use the issues option πŸ™‚

of course, i had to record some SCCM videos using my terrible voice πŸ™‚ and i’m publishing them on youtube…you can whatch them on my ConfigMgr playlist


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