Good – Cheap – Fast

Hi All,

it’s there, and you find it everywhere…

On IT it is not different, you find companies looking for people that knows a lot of technologies, even those technologies do not mach.

Examples of it are everywhere, companies asking experts in System Center * (ConfigMgr, OpsMgr, etc) and Exchange, or Windows and Linux, etc. and always expect you to be the best, work fast and be cheap…

There are lots of examples, but recently, i was contacted by an agency and our chat was like the following:

Agency: Hi Raphael, m name is XXXX from YYYY and we are recruiting for a role that you’ll love. it is really interesting and paying well.
Me: Oh, well, I’m not looking for anything at the moment, but if it is really irresistible, why not?
Agency: We’re looking for someone with really strong knowledge of SCCM and OS Deployment, do you know it?
“I thought”: It is on my cv, have a look before asking me these questions
Me: Yes, I know SCCM and OS Deployment, i’ve been doing it for a while now.
Agency: Great, do you know SCOM and other System Center products (Service Manager, Orchestrator, VMM)?
Me: Yes, however, my main knowledge is on desktop side (SCCM and OS Deployment). I know a lot of SCOM (i may say that i’m expert), i also know a lot of Service Manager and Orchestrator, but VMM as been a while since the last time i used. on the other hand, i work a lot with Hyper-V, every day.
Agency: Good, and Active Directory, GPO?
“I thought”: Yes, he never looked at my CV
Me: Yes, i used to design active directory and GPO a while back. it changed, but the main concepts are still there. My focus today in terms of GPO would be the desktop side, like folder redirection, offline files, etc.
Agency: Understand, and patch management?
“I thought”: He has no idea what SCCM can do, does he?
Me: Yes, i do know as this has a lot o do with SCCM
Agency: Great, you seems to fit well on this company…last question…Exchange and Sharepoint, can do design and implement?
“I thought”: F*ck…what exactly he wants?
Me: No, Exchange and Sharepoint are another area of the IT that do not have anything to do with System Center
Agency: Ah, ok, sorry, but we need someone really strong in Exchange
Me: Ok. See you

What?!?!?!? he spend a lot of time talking about AD, GPO, Patch Management, OS Deployment and other system center while he wanted someone that knows Exchange?!?!?! and where Exchange fits with Sharepoint?!?!?!!?

well…this is back on the topic…Good – Cheap – Fast….

You’ll be always looking at only 2 options out of 3…

If you want something Good, it will be cheap or fast, not both…
if you want something Cheap, it will be good or fast
and if you want something Fast, it will be good or cheap…

now, it is time for you to think?!?!?!? are you good? are you cheap? do you work fast?


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