Install Client action is disabled for unsupported value

Install Client action is disabled for unsupported value

Hi All,

recently i was at a customer and noticed one event viewer quite annoying
Level: Error
Source: Critial
EventID: 3
Data: Install Client action is disabled for unsupported value of ResoruceType, ClientType or Unknown

The interesting thing was on the smsadminui.log
[25, PID:5284][11/15/2013 09:55:18] :Install Client action is disabled for unsupported value of ResoruceType, ClientType or Unknown

but why this was happening was not clear for me, until my fellow friend MVP Jason Sandys guesses that this would be when you right clicking on a resource in the console so that it knows whether or not to enable the install client option on the context menu. Because of the ribbon bar, it may happen on normal left click selection also.

I went and checked this and for some reason it did no happened again, however, as i was doing some OS Deployment tests, i had a “Unknown” record and when i selected it, the error was generated again. This issue also happen when selecting the x86 Unknown Computer (x86 Uknown Computer) or x64 Unknown Computer (x64 Uknown Computer).

I have not tested, but i’d assume that this issue would also appear when selecting a non-Windows machine or a workgroup machine as SCCM cannot perform the client push to those machines

now, having this event viewer and/or log being generated every time you click a resource that cannot have the client installed is annoying and only happen when you run the console as administrator (the run as administrator right click) and i have not looked further (yet) to see if this can be disabled or not.


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