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Hi All,

during the MVP Summit, we had a nice work with the Product Team where the MVP group asked some features to be added to the product and that could be coded in a Week and that may be added to the project in a later version (as we hope those will make it)

I have to say that we had great projects, in total 10 projects led by MVP’s and coded by Microsoft…

Team 1 – Active
Have you ever needed to know what machines are active? you need this, they delivered a way to see what machines are online, they integrated with Cortana and etc. I have to say, really great project

Team 2 – Wizards
Have you ever used the console to do stuff and needed to select the same option over and over? this is the “fix”. It will allow you to save the options you select on a wizard and be able to load them back.

Team 3 – Software Update Exclusion
Have you ever needed to remove a hotfix to be deployed to only a set of machines? this is what you need. you have your deployment group and exclude some Hotfixes from being applied to a set of machines that you define, without need to create multiple deployment groups

Team 4 – Alternative UPN
Have you ever tried to sync your SCCM to intune and discovered that the UPN of a user does not match? so you need this, they created a way so you can add an alternative UPN to a user (via PowerShell) without need to change your active directory

Team 5 – Troubleshooting MDM
Have you ever had a problem enrolling a device? Well, you need this project, they created a tool that will allow you to know what problems are happening, like the MPTroubleshooting does…

Team 6 – Rule the World (my project, so I have to say, the best project :))
Have you ever need to create CI and Baselines via PowerShell? you know how difficult it is…and you need this project, we created PowerShell CMDLets that allow you to create CI via PowerShell instead of the Console..the best project…

Team 7 – ANT
Have you ever needed to notify the user and get and acceptance to do some work, like deploy software update, etc and maybe allow the user to postpone the update and need to have an auditing that the user accepted it? So this is the project for you, with it you can have a better one-way admin-user communication that is real-time, customizable, persistent, verifiable (end-user accountability),brandable, etc…

Team 8 – SCCM Azure Remote App
Have you ever needed to create windows azure remote apps? You know that you need to create image, install apps, etc…with this project, you get your SCCM App and tell to “convert” it to the Azure Remote App, all the “manual” work is done by SCCM…

Team 9 – Asset Messages Action Output
Have you ever needed to troubleshoot a OSD? You open the asset messages and want to see what happen, but it is not there, this project adds a output there so you don’t need to go to reports

Team 10 – OS Deployment, TS calls another TS
Have you ever wanted a Task Sequence to deploy another Task Sequence? Well, wait no more, this project is what you want, your OSD Task Sequence deploy another task sequence, maybe a Application Task Sequence.


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