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Hi All,

Today I’m proud to announce that RFL Systems’ new website is finally live and more content will be added soon. This is a great milestone for the company and I only have to say thanks to everyone that helped us until now.

With the release of the site, we are also releasing the 1st public beta of our professional version of the dashboard, now renamed to Business Intelligence Dashboards for System Center Configuration Manger (or what we are calling BI Dashboards for SCCM), with the final version to be released in the next few of weeks.

The development of the BI Dashboards for SCCM started last year and it is a cutting-edge data visualization platform which helps enterprises to streamline the access, control and management of strategic business information.

The BI Dashboards for SCCM makes it possible by displaying the status of key metrics and indicators in one single screen. Through state-of-the-art technology, the dashboard’s interface can be tailored and expandable for a wide array of functionalities to support particular objectives and needs. For example, compliance for software updates, client health and anti-malware monitoring are some of the indicators manageable through the BI Dashboards for SCCM.

My e-books are also back, if you haven’t looked at them, I suggest you to look, they have been written and reviewed by experts.

I also highly recommend you to access our new website at https://www.rflsystems.co.uk and download and try our new BI Dashboards for SCCM

Any feedback or queries, you are more than welcome to submit them to us, use our contact form or e-mail us.


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