SCCM 2012 – Add-CMDeploymentTypeGlobalCondition

Hi All,

when i was preparing the presentation for the thedesktopteam workshop day last year (, i created few scripts to add requirements to a
existing application/deployment type. by the time, i tought that this was too advanced for what i wanted to deliver on that workshop and because
work related stuff, i never had a change to publish it.

Few days back, i was speaking with Rick and he told me that it was impossible to achieve some of the requirements via script/powershell and i said it was possible and i had a script for it.
what he was trying to do is to add a OS requiement for an application.

to clarify my answer, the ConfigMgr console is also a “script” language. of course, it probably uses c# or c++, but it is a compiled script, so if they can, any other scripting language also can do, we probably only need to learn how to do.
sccm console is based on WMI and if they can achieve that, powershell/vbscript will also be able to achieve the same.

anyway, you got my i said it was possible, even if i had no script already created.

to now how to use the script, i suggest using the powershell command get-help .\Add-CMDeploymentTypeGlobalCondition.ps1 -Full

You can download the script from the technet gallery at

have a good scripting time


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