SCCM 2012 – Application Catalog & IE Enable Protected Mode

Hi All,

recently i was at a customer site trying to request/install an Application via Application Catalog website and it was failing.

if I select my devices, I see “This setting cannot be configured because of a network communication of a configuration problem” and looking at the ConfigMgrSoftwareCatalog.log, I see MySystemsPageView.DetermineIsPrimary-Error:Could not communicate with the client control properly. Error 0x1709. Debugging resource strings are unavailable. See 0x80041003

Looking at the URL provided, i did not see anything, the website was actually returning “The definition of the resource id could not be found” and if you check the error 0x80041003, you’ll notice that it is Access denied, but why?!?! i checked everything and i was sure everything was configured properly.

I went back to a test machine and started checking all IE security settings and noticed that the IE Enable Protected Mode for the security zone (in my case intranet) was not selected while on the customer, it was selected.

Anyway, unselecting this option and refreshing the page did fix the issue.

PS. by default, MS recommends you to use the Trusted zone, but i prefer using the Intranet zone, reason is we normally have a less restrictive settings on it as well as allow sending username/password automatically.


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