SCCM 2012 – DeploymentType – empty SDMPackageXML

Hi All,

while working on a script (that will be published here soon), i noticed that it was failing after i had tested it…but why was not clear.

After troubleshooting, i discovered that the SDMPackageXML was empty. i really don’t know why it happen, but it should not happen

anyway, once i discovered this, i wanted to see how many DT had this issue and it was almost 50% of my lab…but how did i found out?!

Easy, i ran the following powershell


as you will see, every single App/DT that appear in this list, has problem with the SDMPackageXML, but how to fix it?

Well it was simple, you just need perform a change on the DT, but if you have many!?!?!?. Again, i used powershell

the below powershell will add an “A” to the administrative comment as well as remove it


but now, you may be asking yourself…i have so many review of the application, how do I clean it? this will be a script for another post


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