SCCM 2012-Find TS Reference without AutoInstall settings

Hi All,

it is a common problem when using OSD to install apps, to forget to select the “Allow this program to be installed from the Install Software task sequence without being advertised” application setting.

same for the packages/programs, where people forget to select the “Allow this program to be installed from the Install Package task sequence without being deployed” on the program settings.

When this happen, you will normally see the Task Sequence failing with error 0x80004005 and looking at the logs, you’ll see

No matching policy assignments received.
Policy download failed, hr=0x80004005

When this happen, you need to enable the setting and start it again, but you easily lost couple of hours doing it already. Microsoft has a good blog post on how to enable it here, however, it does not show you what apps or packages/program you need to change.

So i created a simple (and dirty) PowerShell script that will check all your Task Sequence references (Applications and Package/program) and check to see if it does not have this setting correct configured.


and if you want to enable the script to automatically set this option, remove the # at the beginning of the Set-CMApplication -Id $App.CI_ID -AutoInstall $true and $AppList = Get-CMApplication lines for applications and Set-CMProgram -StandardProgram -ProgramName “$($Prog.ProgramName)” -Id $Prog.PackageID -EnableTaskSequence $true and $ProgList = Get-CMProgram lines for programs


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