SCCM 2012 – Get-DPSize

hi All,

one of the main problems design a SCCM solution is always disk space. The main reason for this is “files are all over the place”…

Martyn Coup did a great job creating a DPSizer and i’ve been using this…

However, in the past few weeks, i’ve been doing a design for a organization that did not allow me to run the .exe on their servers and because this, i had to create a powershell script.

This script search for the path’s you specified and will check every file for it MD5 hash and at the end it will show you how much disk space is needed.

Because I’m checking the hash, the disk space needed for DP may not be the actual disk space needed for the source, this is because SCCM 2012 uses a single storage instance for files called content library

Anyway..the script is bellow



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