SCCM 2012 – Powershell for Creating baseline for SW Upd

Hi All,

how often you arrive at a customer site and need to create the baseline for software update and distribute it to a DP group? I see this need often and when i create baseline, i create 1 per product, so, if you have 3 products, 3 baselines, but if you have over 10+ products? the work that need to be done is time consuming ins’t it?

based on this, i’ve created the bellow powershell. it basically, will connect to your site, select all products you have selected on the software update and will create a software update group for each product. it will also download the files from the internet and create a deployment package (you’ll need to specify the folder where the files are going to be copied to) and distribute the content to a DP Group array.

if you’re small company, maybe you have 1 or 2 DP’s connected in the same lan or high speed wan, you may not want to have multiple deployment packages, so, you can use the CreateSingleDeploymentPackage parameter as $true. but if you want to create 1 deployment package per sw update group, use this as $false.

the result, will be





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