SCCM 2012 – Powershell for Creating iOS Store Apps

Hi All,

Have you ever need an application/dt based on an iTunes link? if yes, you know how time consuming it is and the experience is not great.

Based on this, i’ve created this powershell that will, from a itunes link, identify the name of the application, publisher, category and create a new application (if needed) as well as a new deployment type called iOS, also if needed.

to use this powershell, you need to pass the sdkserver and the sitecode as well as a text file with the iTunes links (1 per line)

the text file should look like the following:

the command line would look like:
.\ImportiTunesApplication.ps1 -sdkserver “SRV0007” -sitecode “CLC” -filename “c:\temp\ituneslist.txt”

at the end, you’ll see all apps being created



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