SCCM 2012 R2 CU1 – posh gotchas

Hi all,

Today I’m going to talk about few gotchas I learned the hard way with the CU1 update.

I always try to updates lab as soon as possible once an update is out, and this time was not different, once the update was out, updated the servers, all clients and also all remote consoles but before I had read the as well as (this is info about the posh update) unfortunately I did not noticed this

Wildcard characters are not supported in queries

And you may be asking yourself, when did I found out this? Well…during the 1st thedesktopteam workshop..and I have to say, not a nice place to find out things have changed

During the workshop I tried to remove the updated console hotfix but did not work (maybe a fully removal of the console and reinstall action only of the R2 only will work but have not tested)

Anyway, I have been speaking with MS about this and unfortunately there was an issue with the * on the queries they were not able to fix in time for the CU1 and they decided to remove it but are working hard to put it back in a future update and I hope it will be at CU2 or sooner (maybe a stand alone hot fix?!?!)

So, for me the lessons I’ve learned: never perform an update before any demo and for you, I hope your company has a lab environment where you can play around with updates before applying for production


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