SCCM 2012 R2 & MDT 2013 – Unattend.xml

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Hi All,

Customizing Unattend.xml is always fun, including when things does not work as expected and how to troubleshoot this when things are not going as planned?

the way i find is simple…copy the xml file to a temp folder after changes to it happen, and i do this manually…

1- after the configure step and before the setup and configure windows, add a pause on your task sequence (i’ll be posting how to do it on a later post)
2-copy the file from c:\windows\panther\unattended\unattended.xml to c:\temp\phase1.xml
3- continue your task sequence and the setup and configure windows will happen…
4- once the restart countdown start copy the same file again to c:\temp\phase2.xml

now it is time to leave the installation to happen and your task sequence to finish and troubleshoot your xml files…

couple of problems i already found when customizing the xml:
1- order of the items…
when doing a customization of the keyboard, i changed the order and it stopped working.  if you’re doing this, confirm that the order you’ll be using is the following:

2- invalid character
check the ZTIPatches.log. it should show the XML line that has the issue

3- Could not parse or process for pass [xxxxxx]
i normally get this problem when i use a wrong key. I’d start validating the key

check the panter logs under c:\windows\panter

and if you need to create/edit, the best option is not to do it manually, but using the tool windows system image manager that is part of the Windows ADK/AIK

hope this helps


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