SCCM 2012 R2 – Remove Expired Updates

Hi All,

every time i need to remove an expired update from a baseline is always the same…select the baseline, show members, select the updates i want to remoe…edit membership…

This action takes time, imagine that you need to do it once a month (yes, patch Tuesday). but if you have many sw update groups?!?!? yes, you’ll spend bit of time doing it.

based on this, i’ve created a powershell script as well as a console extension that will allow you to remove all expired updates from a sw update group.

To do it, download the RemoveExpiredUpdates zip file, extract and add the files to the following places:

RFL-SUP Deployment Group.xml to <CM12R2Console Installation Path)\XmlStorage\Extensions\Actions\2853886b-cce5-4ed4-af43-df69efb2e7d8 and <CM12R2Console Installation Path)\XmlStorage\Extensions\Actions\bb1a22d4-816f-438c-b6e7-51cbc210112f (change the CM12R2Console to the path of the console :))

RemoveExpiredUpdates.ps1 to C:\Scripts\CM12R2Console on the same computer where you installed the CM12 R2 Console

Note: the RFL-SUP Deployment Group.xm has the same name as the a href=”” target=”_blank”>SW Update Group to Baseline and can easily be replaced as it contains both actions. if you have not downloaded the SW Update Group to baseline, i suggest you to do it now 🙂

Once you have done it, restart the console and you’ll see a new action group called RFL Systems and once you right click any software update group, you’ll also be able to see the action (see below screenshot)

when you click, a powershell screen will be shown and the baseline will be created

And no worries, if there is nothing to remove, it will not do anything


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