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Hi All,

have you ever tried to discover what machine needs the update that you are looking now? it is easy, don’t it. You only need to open the reports (i’m talking about the Software Updates – A Compliance
-> Compliance 8 – Computers in a specific compliance state for an update (secondary) ). Once done it, you’ll see the below
30-12-2013 10-23-05

as you can see, it is an easy task…but time consuming…

based on this, i’ve created a powershell script as well as a console extension that will allow you to see all machines that need an update based on the update you have selected.

To do it, download the RequiredBy zip file, extract and add the files to the following places:

RFL-SUP.xml to <CM12R2Console Installation Path)\XmlStorage\Extensions\Actions\5360fd7a-a1c4-428f-91c9-89a4c5565ce1 and <CM12R2Console Installation Path)\XmlStorage\Extensions\Actions\6c1e9a78-cb88-4180-b861-b91f5e9792a9  and <CM12R2Console Installation Path)\XmlStorage\Extensions\Actions\7b1c9fea-1e2b-458c-84e6-406cbea827fa (change the CM12R2Console to the path of the console :))

Requiredby.ps1 to C:\Scripts\CM12R2Console on the same computer where you installed the CM12 R2 Console

Once you have done it, restart the console and you’ll see a new action group called RFL Systems and once you right click any device, you’ll also be able to see the action (see below screenshot)

Note: if you have downloaded the Superseeded by console extension, you’ll need to rename the xml file or edit the xml file already existing (i’ll cover how to do it in a later post)

when you click, a powershell screen will be shown and a list of all machines will be displayed


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