SCCM 2012 – Set Security Scope (Part 1)

Hi All,

have you ever tried to set a security scope to applications that are on a specific folder?

Well…this is easy, you open the folder you want, select the applications and add/remove the scope that you want…

however, if you have an environment that you have a folder for development, another for QA (or UAT/Test) and another for production, how to automate this?

well..i created a powershell and extension to do it. It will allow you to right click a folder and set the security scope. To do it, you’ll need to have a security scope with same name as the folder.

And as you noticed, the subject is Part 1, it means that this script will only work for Packages and Applications (and i’ll talk more about this in the future)

Anyway, to do it, download the SetSecurityScope zip file, extract and add the files to the following places:

RFL-Applications.xml to <CM12R2Console Installation Path)\XmlStorage\Extensions\Actions\d2e2cba7-98f5-4d3b-bc2f-b670f0621207 (change the CM12R2Console to the path of the console :))
RFL-Packages.xml to <CM12R2Console Installation Path)\XmlStorage\Extensions\Actions\3ad39fd0-efd6-11d0-bdcf-00a0c909fdd7 (change the CM12R2Console to the path of the console :))
SetSecurityScope.ps1 to C:\Scripts\CM12R2Console on the same computer where you installed the CM12 R2 Console

Once you have done it, restart the console and you’ll see a new action group called RFL Systems and once you right click any folder, you’ll also be able to see the action (see below screenshot)

when you click, a powershell screen will be shown and the security scopes will be set


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