SCCM 2012 – Updating SCCM client during TS

Hi All,

for ages, i’ve being using a script to automatically populate the PATCH option of the SCCM client installation in a TS environment. the reason i’ve been using this script (if not clear for you), is the number of hotfixes and the allowed size of the text box on a TS…

fortunately with SCCM 2012, the SCCM product group changed the way they di hotfixes and started to use Updates Rollup, meaning that you would not find the issue we’ve been experiencing on SCCM 2007.

Even it is true, Microsoft had to release few updates out of the Update Rollup and people don’t know how to manage them in a Task Sequence as this has changed a bit.

Fortunately (again), the script has been updates to SCCM 2012 ( however, what happen if you don’t have the ZTIUtility.vbs or don’t want do the MDT integration? Well…you need to do it manually…

the bellow steps are only guidance of what i normally “tend” to do on customers.

1- Create a hotfix folder inside the \client folder
2- copy the client hotfix (from the \hoftix\ folder) to the hotfix folder you created inside the \Client
**Note that in this example i’m only worried about the x64 updates 🙂
3- Update the Distribution Point of the DEFAULT Client Package. This package has the ID as 00002 (Of course you can do it on another package, but remember to change the TS for the new package). Make note of it as we’ll be using it on the next step. In this example, it will be RFL00002
4- Once you do that, in your task sequence, step Setup Windows and ConfigMgr add the following PATCH property at the end

As you can see, we’re installing 2 hotfixes (kb2910552 and kb2928122), but what exactly is the _SMSTSMDataPath?
It is a ts variable that specify the temporary directory for the TS stuff (ie. packages, etc)

well…that’s it. next time you deploy a new OS, it will be installed with the hotfixes you specify on the PATCH line.

but remember, test before because if you don’t test the task sequence can fail. on SCCM 2007 if you deploy a 2 MSP’s and one superseded the other, the TS would fail.


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