SCCM Automation with PowerShell – after the Webinar

Hi All,

thanks everyone that joined me on the SCCM Automation with PowerShell – back to basics webinar.

1st of all, i’d like to apologize for the audio and video issue that some of you had. We received less than 1% complain and we’re working to make sure this will not happen again. I also would like to apologize for the lack of time we had and we’re not able to run the FAQ as we had planned.

Anyway, i hope everyone enjoyed and if you’re not able to view the recording, you can access it clicking here

The PowerPoint and scripts can be found here, they are in a zip format

I would also take this opportunity to answer some of the questions related to the webinar:
1-Can we make executable of this script?
Yes, it is possible to create .exe file from a powershell file. a free solution (that i have not tested) can be found on the technet gallery at if you want a more professional editor with the convert to .exe option, i would recommend sing PowerShell Studio from Sapien (

2- Do all of the ConfigMgr PS cmdlets have to be run from the CMSite location?
Yes, they need to run from the CMSite drive, so if you try to run the Get-CMSite outsite, you’ll get an error message. on the CMSite drive, you are not restricted to run only ConfigMgr PS cmdlets, you can run any powershell cmdlet

3-verbose logging was that server or client side?
the verbose logging i showed is related to server side and not client

4- The latest version of the cmdlets is 64 bit compliant.
Yes, the 2012 R2 cmdlets are 64bit compatible while the 2012 SP1 are 32-bit compatible and you’ll not be able to run on a 64-bit powershell. The trick here is the powershell version and not os version, you can open a powershell 32-bit on a 64bit OS.

5- We are looking for a way to keep our Operating System .WIM files up to date. Is there a way to build a script to keep the .WIM files current with the latest patches?
a quick answer. yes, you can create a powershell to open your WIM file using dism and apply patches to it, but only CBS patches are going to be applied ( if you want to apply non-cbs patches (ie. Office and other applications), you’ll need to deploy the WIM file, apply the patches and then re-capture. Those can be done with ConfigMgr, this is the task for the build&capture task sequence.

Contact me offline so i can understand better your requirement.

Lastly, everyone entered in a draw to win a copy of my e-book PowerShell & SCCM, the winners have already been contacted and given the instructions to get their free book and they are:

Marketta W. – United States – Sr I/S Sec Admin
Eric H. – United States – system engineer
Barry R. – United States – Tech Analyst

Thanks everyone, and see you in the next webinar.


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