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Today I would like to talk about the Wi-Fi profile. SCCM has this great feature that you can manage Wi-Fi profile on all managed computers, make changes, etc, without need for the user to do anything, this is great.

however, one of the limitation on a wifi profile is the fact that you cannot set a password when using WAP/WEP.

For many large organizations that have a 802.1x or a network where you need to somehow authenticate (certificate, ad username/password, etc), this is not a problem, however, for smaller organizations or organizations that have not implemented this security yet, not having the option to add the password is a pain.

i recall that some of the chat i had with some customers where they have deployed the wifi profile and had to e-mail everyone the password, as you can imagine, big security risk…

anyway, how can i add a wifi profile that uses a username/password? the answer is simple. create it manually and import when creating the wifi profile.

as you can imagine, SCCM used the same xml layout as Windows (i only have tested with Windows 10, but assuming windows 8.x uses the same layout). so this is what you need to do

1. connect to a wifi manually on a windows 10 machine
2. configure all settings
3. repeat the process for any wifi profile you need to create. if you have multiple wifi, this can be time consuming.

once you have done that, export the profile to a XML using the powershell below


after that, create a new wifi profile and on the general page, select the option “import an existing Wi-Fi profile item from a file”.

now, time to deploy the new wifi profile (to a user or device collection) and be happy as you don’t need to do anything else, not even email the password to the user.

catch: the wifi profile xml saves the password in clear text, so keep it secure. i would recommend only SCCM Site servers and the SCCM administrators should have access to it (if the wifi is managed by the network team, you may give them access as well)

Issue: the issue you may find is when the user has already the wifi created manually, I mean, had connected to the wifi manually. in this case, the wifi baseline will be in a error state, to fix this, you need to remove the wifi manually and allow the baseline to create it.


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