SCCM-HealthCheck toolkit – Beta Testers Wanted!!

Hi All,

it has been a while, but for a good thing…

We’ve been working hard with our new version of the HealthCheck toolkit (a Commercial version, based on a subscription) and we would like to have some beta testers..

1- do you have time between 26th and 30th for a Skype for Business call?
2- Do you have an infrastructure with a single SCCM Primary site (with or without secondary sites)? Can be one or multiple computers, but cannot be connected to a CAS environment
3- Will you have some time between Christmas and new year for a remote session?
4- Will you provide feedback while the duration of the project? (from 26th/Dec/2017 until 31st/Jan/2018)

if you have answers yes, let me know via e-mail RAPHAEL @ PEREZ.NET.BR

I’ll need the following info:
1- Number of Primary Sites
2- Number of Secondary Sites
3- Site Codes (for the primary and secondary)
4- Number of Total Servers
5- Your information (Name/Email) and if you’ll be running it in production, company name
6- preferable date/time for the skype for business call (and remember, We’re based in the UK, so bear in mind the timezone. we will do our best, but times between 9am and 5pm is preferable)

We’ll be selecting 10 beta testers…and for your help, we’ll be giving away some prizes…based on the number of feedback provided:
1st – 1 year subscription + £20.00 amazon voucher
2nd, 3rd and 4th – 6 months subscription + £10.00 amazon voucher
5th to 7th – 6 months subscription
8th to 10th – 3 months subscription


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